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ISSN : 1229-3571(Print)
ISSN : 2287-819X(Online)
Korean Journal of Organic Agricultue Vol.22 No.1 pp.197-208

돈분의 효율적인 지렁이 퇴비화를 위한 Bulking Agent의 이용

황보순*, 조익환**
대구대학교 동물자원학과

Use of Bulking Agent for Efficient Vermicomposting of Swine Manure

Ik-Hwan Jo**, Soon Hwangbo*


The present study was conducted to provide basic data for efficient vermicompostingof swine manure by investigating the effect of sawdust mix on growth andreproduction of earthworms, amount of earthworm cast produced, and its chemicalcomposition when mixing swine manure in different levels (0(SSD0), 10(SSD10),20(SSD20), 30(SSD30), and 40%(SSD40)) with sawdust commonly used as moistcontrol in manure composting. The C/N ratio of the feed and the survival rate ofearthworms for the SSD0 treatment (10.19, 35.2%), The C/N ratio of the feed was11.09-16.44 and increased with higher level of sawdust mixed, and the survivalrate of earthworms during the experiment period was 35.2-100%. The number ofearthworms was 16.6 in the SSD40 treatment, and young worms were not found inthe SSD0 treatment or the treatment with less than 30% sawdust in the mix. Thenumber and the weight of cocoons in SSD30 and SSD40 treatments were found tobe in the ranges of 23.8-59.8 and 256-660 mg respectively. The production ofearthworm cast and digested amount were higher with the higher level of mixedsawdust (p<0.05), and the C/N ratio of cast increased with the mixed sawdustratio, being significantly higher ratio in SSD30 and SSD40 than other treatments(p<0.05). Heavy metals content tended to decrease with the mixed sawdust level.To summarize, the higher level of mixed sawdust was associated with improvementin growth and reproduction of earthworms, and 30-40% sawdust mix inparticular could result in efficient vermicomposting.